2 Rounds

20 Groiner Rocks

15 Banded Z Press

10 Jefferson

3/17/2023 - Strength

Warm-Up and then do:

Pause Back Squat
3x3 @RPE 6

Pin Back Squat
2x5 @RPE 8

Front Squat
2x5 @RPE 8
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3/17/2023 - Met-Con

EMOM - 15

Max Reps
Box Step Ups
DB Floor Press 50/35, 40/25
Ring Rows 
OH Reverse Lunges 25/15, 15/10
Abmat Sit-Ups

Can start at any exercise, but do each exercise in the order programmed
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Brenda Boss 2 days, 6 hours ago / Reply

3/17/2023 - Met-Con: 336 reps

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