5 min roll-out
1 min dead hang (unbroken or accumulate)
1 min of OH Bar Lockout Marches
20 Walking Lunge Reach Ups
20 Lying Banded Toe Raises

3/18/2023 - Met-Con

12 min AMRAP w/Partner

Partner 1

20 cal Row

Partner 2

3 Wall-Walk

5 Pull-Up

10 Side Plank Hip dip

Rest 5 min

12 min AMRAP w/Partner

Partner 1

200m run

Partner 2

3 Clean and Press (Push-Jerk, Push-Press, Strict)

5 Box Jumps

10 Leg Raise Around the World

While Partner 1 is rowing or running, Partner 2 will be doing as many rounds of the exercises listed as possible.  When Partner 1 is done they will switch and Partner 1 will pick up where partner 2 left off.  Keep track of total rounds and reps.

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